Success Stories


Polly took our class two years ago and was placed immediately on a Capstone Property and now works for an A profile property in Allen. Below is what Polly had to say about Platinum Staffing:

My experience with Platinum Apartment Staffing was great. I was brand new to the business when I started with Platinum. After I completed my training class I quickly gained the knowledge and confidence I needed to become successful in this business. I was hired on quickly after I started temping. A year later I needed their services again and I was placed at a new permanent job within days. They are very motivated to find you the best opportunities that are out there and help and support you every step of the way. If I were to ever need a new job in this business Platinum will always be my first call!



Sam was trained two years ago was leasing agent, then promoted to assistant Manager and then promoted to Manager. He was recently on a property and is ready to be placed again.


Pricilla is bilingual and has two years experience and has also assumed responsibilities for an assistant manager and is seeking full time employment.

Arielle Rivera

My testimony:

Platinum Apartment Staffing played a huge role in my successful career.

Over two years ago, I entered Platinum’s office for an interview in search of a career that would offer me financial stability, pride, and education. Little did I realize at the time that Platinum was an answered prayer! After a great first interview with Platinum, I found myself sitting in a conference room learning about the key logistics of the industry and studying proper documentation that I would later need to know. I got to spend a week on an actual property, observing experienced professionals and getting hands on training. This definitely helped me to be more confident as temp positions opened up and my newly learned skills were put to the test. I worked a few temporary jobs until one day Platinum called me with an extraordinary opportunity. He told me of a luxury community in the hot spot of Dallas that needed his services and believed it would be perfect for me. I had only been with the agency for a short period of time but feeling driven, I jumped at the chance. I felt like I was equipped with the proper knowledge and insight to land a permanent position. It has been two years that I’m employed by the nationally known property management company, Windsor Communities. I recently was promoted to a supervisor position of the concierge services for Glasshouse by Windsor. I also am a founding partner of Windsor’s Dallas Marketing Team, which is another component of the company that promotes our services to the community throught social marketing events. I am a member of The Dallas Regional Chamber and Young Professionals society.

I am involved in many different networking movements with other local organizations such as the Dallas Young Lawyers Association, the Dallas Society of Young Philanthropist, and many many more. I never could have imagined I would become such a valuable citizen to my community at the age of 21. I am financially able to support my son and myself; and with that comes a real sense of accomplishment and confidence. I made it! Without the well established business connections of Platinum Apartment Staffing in the DFW area, I do not know where I would be today. I was inspired and motivated by his program and it helped me to grow as an individual and a business woman. I will continue to recommend this company to anyone who is willing to take a chance on themselves. It was the best and most lasting decision I could have made.

Thanks Platinum and Darla!